Banksia ericifolia – Heath-leaved banksia

Banksia ericifolia – Heath-leaved banksia

Banksia ericifolia is commonly known as Heath-leaved banksia, which is a type of forest shrub. This plant is belongs to the Proteaceae family and native to Australia including open forests like woodlands as well as heaths of the eastern New South Wales. This plant is well known for its red and orange inflorescence include green fine and healthy leaved like foliage.

Height: Six meter and two meter width.

Uses: Widely used plant in gardening and decorative like works, especially Australian native gardens.

Planting tips: Well drained soils are considered most suitable option for this plant’s quick growth and development.

Soil type: Perfect drained and well maintained soils are suitable for this plant development.

Aspect: Full sun light as well as half shared regions is considered as more suitable for smoother growth of this plant.

Pruning: Light pruning will benefit this plant.

Water requirements: Regular water within dry season keeps the plant roots moist and cool. Excess storage of water in root area will cause harm.

 Feeding: Small amount of slow release fertiliser during blooming season will assist.

Pests and problems: Fungal damage is one of the major issues for this plant, so you must careful about excessive moisture around the roots.

Climate: Most parts of Australia.