Bambusa Textilis ‘Gracillis’- Weaver’s Bamboo

Bambusa Textilis ‘Gracillis’- Slender Weaver’s Bamboo

Bambusa textilis also called as Weaver’s Bamboo or slender weaver bamboo which is a tall imperial bamboo that reach heights of fifteen to twenty feet. However, within its natural environment, the bamboo grows about fifty feet. Well, Bambusa textilis is not only recognized for its height but also for its arching and bluish tint tops. It’s appropriate for growing within Sunset’s climate zone 7 through nine and thirteen through twenty three.

Height: 5-7m tall

Uses: It is a very wonderful bamboo that forms a very dense clump. The species is also great plant for privacy screens.

Planting tips: Must be planted minimum 0.5 meter away from the fences, unless utilizing a root obstacle to prevent it from growing beneath the face. If planted with adequate space as well as excellent soil it can reach up to eight meter. However it planted in poor condition or very close together, then usually it grows about six meter.

Soil type: It planted in a rich soil that is fertilized continuously this bamboo shrub can grow well. It can also grow well in hilly region.

Pruning: It require regular pruning to stop growing its branches excess

Water requirement: It requires watering 2 to 3 times in a week, so the soil can remain consistently damp for better growth.

Pests and problem: The bamboo borer can attack to the leaves of this tree. There are also several other pests that can attack this plant, so be careful about it.

Climate: It grows well in most of Australia.


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