Bambusa Lako ‘Timor Black’ – Timor Black Bamboo

Bambusa Lako ‘Timor Black’ – Timor Black Bamboo

Bambusa lako is also known as the Timor black bamboo, which is a great species of Ornamental Grasses or Bamboo and originating from Timor island. Bambusa lako ‘Timor Black’ belongs from Poaceae family. This plant generally well grown in warm climatic regions and it is including bright and large green leaves over ebony pillars. This kind of bamboo plant looks deep brown or black, so demand of it more high for decorative and many home requirement works.

Height: 12 m and spacing: 2.4 to 3m as well.

Uses: Timor Black is mostly used within shopping malls in which striking plant is always required.

Planting tips: Bambusa lako ‘Timor Black’ is a slow bamboo plant, which growth percentage more depend on its climatic condition, water, food and maintenance. So, right care is more essential for this plant growth.

Soil type: Consistently moist based soil suitable for this plant growth, so don’t let it root area dry in any seasons of year.

Aspect: Full sun more helpful for this plant growth

Pruning: Trimming in regular basis with proper watering and feeding keep this plant healthy and active through out the year and offer good outcome as well.

Water requirement: Medium watering, regular water and avoid excess watering is always essential.   

Feeding: Feed with right amount of water and minimal fertilizer keep this plant away from any problems

Pest and problems: Bambusa lako ‘Timor Black’ is a slow growing plant, so regular care and maintenance keep it healthy and productive as well.

Climate: Warm regions of Australia


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