Bambusa ‘Fern leaf stripe stem’ – Golden Bamboo

Bambusa ‘Fern leaf stripe stem’ – Golden Bamboo!

Bambusa ‘Fern leaf stripe stem’ is a shorter as well as more erect range of Bambusa multiplex which grows steadily into a three to four meters thick plant. Its culms are green along with yellow stripes as well as it has tiny fern like leaves. It is very popular as hedge or short screen. Although extremely cold tolerant, it’s a slow growing bamboo.

Height: Three to four meter tall

Uses: Pot plant, bonsai, sample shrub in a garden, makes an excellent hedge. This is also one of the best bamboo solutions regarding a non invasive privacy screen.

Planting tips: You should plant this bamboo earliest in the season for best possible growth

Soil type: Although this plant grow well in a wide range of soils but do the best in moist soil. However it is a suitable plant for light and medium soil. Well drained soil is the most essential requirement of this plant.

Pruning: You should prune out the long branches of this tree in regular interval otherwise they expand and cause more problems. However, you should not over prune it.

Water requirement: It requires average watering. However you should water it 2 to 3 times in a week in order to keep the soil regularly damp.

Pests and problem: The stems of this bamboo are vulnerable to attacks from fungi as well as insects like powderpost beetle. In this regard, you must take care and spray pesticides in regular interval to keep the plat secure from pest attack.

Climate: Grow well in most Australian regions


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