Baeckea Virgata ‘Nana’ – Dwarf Baeckea

Baeckea Virgata ‘Nana’ – Dwarf Baeckea

Baeckea virgata ‘Nana’ is commonly known as Dwarf Baeckea and naturally occurring within Qld, NT, VIC, NSW. This is a small plant combined with deep green linear leaves and clustered white color flowers like tea tree.  Its flowers can bloom within late spring to summer. This is a tough plant, which makes it appropriate for hedging and suitable habitat for some tiny native birds like: wrens and finches.

Height: Height: 1m  Width: 1m

Uses: This plant is generally used for hedging in Australian native style gardens.

Planting tips: Choose the right kind of soil and water availability.

Soil type: Well drained and sandy type soil is suitable for this plants growth.

Aspect: Full sun and half shaded areas are suitable for this plant growth and flowering.

Pruning: Light pruning after flowering is required to keep this plant shape and boost the growth.

Water requirement: Regular water is essential until it is completely established.

Feeding: Low phosphorus fertilizer release end of winter is helpful for this plants growth.

Pests and problems: Loopers, fungal, and webworm problems. So, regular care can offer more help for proper growth.

Climate: Most of the parts of Australia.