Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana – Bangalow Palm

Archontophoenix Cunninghamiana – Bangalow Palm

Archontophoenix cunninghamiana is commonly known as Bangalow Palm as well as Piccabean Palm, which much similar palm like tree Archontophoenix alexandrae. This tree belongs from Arecaceae family. Topical and subtropical location like central eastern Australia and rain forest are considering as the main location for this plant growth. This tree is also more popular for its cold tolerance nature and quality. Archontophoenix cunninghamiana is also a faster growing palm tree within its suitable location or climate.

Height: 12 m high at maturity

Uses:  This type of palm is generally used as palm to achieve a tropical look.

Planting tips: Proper climatic condition and good soil helps for this tree planting for faster growth and production as well.

Soil type: This kind of Palm tree requires good amount of water and poorly drained regions to keep this plant evergreen and get better production as well.

Aspect: Complete sun light, shade and Partial shade is suitable for this palm growth.

Pruning:  January and February are generally considered as its flowering time, so little pruning helps this tree for quick and healthy growth and production as well.   

Water requirement: Good amount of water in regular basis always helpful for this tree growth and flowering. Always avoid keeping the root area dry.

Feeding:  Mid summer is considered as booming time of this tree, so feeding before this time can be more helpful for this plant growth and development. However, choosing the right size of pot is considered as first and fore most requirement for this plant while its decorating in indoor and garden area.

Pest and problems: Nothing of note

Climate:  Central and eastern Australia


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