Angophora Costata – Sydney Red Gum

Angophora Costata – Sydney Red Gum

Angophora Costata mostly appears in forest and woodland within Eastern Australia region.  This plant is known as different names such as: rose gum, smooth-barked apple, Sydney red gum or rose apple. Sandy soil is generally considered as a suitable option for this plant’s growth. Every part of this plant is used in different purpose and requirement, so it is considered as a most popular tree in Australia.

Height:  15 to 25 m

Uses: Angophora Costata is a type of stately shade plant, mostly planted in the parks and avenues or mass regions. This plant is also more useful in dry and sandy areas.

Planting tips:  This plant generally requires large space like parks and big garden like areas including proper soil, climate and maintenance.

Soil type: It is a fast developing handsome tree and needs well drained and sandy soils for quick and proper growth.

Aspect: Full sun light helps this plant for fast and healthy growth

Pruning: No pruning.   

Water requirement: Regular watering till the plant’s complete growth and establishment can be helpful.

Feeding: Angophora Costata requires little to no regular feeding however a small amount of slow release fertiliser during blooming time will assist.

Pests and problems: Not any sorts of serious pests or problems appear within this plant but it requires proper care in growing time.

Climate: Suitable for most parts of Australia.