Ajuga Catlins Giant – Bugleweed

Ajuga Catlins Giant – Bugleweed

Mostly Ajuga Catlins Giants are dispersal, rhizomatous perennials with striking evergreen foliage, occasionally annuals, with whorled 2-lipped blossoms forming short points. It is a semi-evergreen recurrent creating a mat of big, sleek purple brown leaves and vertical spikes up to thirty centimeter in tallness, with blue flowers.

Height: 15 to 30 centimeters

Uses: It is widely used as groundcovers regarding shady gardens. It is a good selection especially for containers as well as mixed tubs. This variety is also ideal for covering bigger areas as it has larger leaves and is especially vigorous.

Planting tips: Grow well in average to medium moisture, well drained soils in complete sun to partial shade. It is also tolerant of poor soil, full sun and drought. Divide each two to three years to thin out planting as well as enhance air circulation. Its blooming time is early summer, mid spring and late spring. Does extremely well in shaded areas where grass won’t grow, however is stoloniferous and could spread forcefully.

Soil type: It prefers any moist or well drained soil

Pruning: Plant should be mowed over high setting following blooming to eliminate spend flower spikes as well as tidy the look of the planting.

Water requirement: It require average watering

Pests and problem: There is no serious pest issues. However, crown rot could be a major problem, especially in the hot conditions of south in situations where the shrubs are grown narrowly together with insufficient air circulation or insufficient soil drainage.

Climate: Most Australian regions.


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