Agave Attenuate – Agave

Agave Attenuate – Agave

Agave attenuate is considered as a class of agave sometimes called as the swan neck, foxtail or lions tail for its progress of a bowed stem, unusual amongst agaves. Local to the upland of central Mexico, as 1 of the exposed agaves, it’s famous as a decorative plant in the gardens. Its stem generally ranges from fifty to one hundred fifty centimeters in length, and ultimately old leaves fall-off, leaving them visible and naked. The leaves are fifty to seventy centimeter long and twelve to sixteen centimeter wide, light in color, ranging from light gray to light yellowish green.

Height: 50 to 150 centimeter tall

Uses: Agave attenuate is greatly used as feature plant within Mediterranean as well as modern style landscapes, containers and pots, rockeries, embankment as well as tropical style garden. They look really stunning in pots over balconies and could be planted as patio feature.

Planting tips: You should plant it in a soil pot, so that it can last for several years and add style to the garden. However it requires to be developed in open sunny place in a well drained soil and also require protection from frost.

Soil type: Require well drained soil

Pruning: It require regular pruning to maintain the best possible condition

Water requirement: It should be watered properly especially during the months of winter

Pests and problems: Scales, insects and mealybugs can be a problem found in this type of plant.

Climate: It grows very well in almost every Australian region.


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