Acorus Gramineus ‘Ogon’ – Grassy-Leaved Sweet Flag

Acorus Gramineus ‘Ogon’ – Grassy-Leaved Sweet Flag

Acorus gramineus is a botanical genus belongs to the family of Acorous. This shrubby tree’s long, thin, slighted twisted leaves might grow to thirty centimeters in tallness. It could grow partially or fully submerged, or in extremely moist soil, however it’ll normally only blossom while at least partly submerged.

Height:  20 to 30 centimeters

Uses: Used as a ground coat in small locations of water garden, along ponds, or streams, swamps or in damp open woodland gardens. Also, assist to control corrosion over water banks and effective in border fronts, rock garden or foundations. This plant might be utilized in the land in fairly similar situation as one may utilize those genuses of Carex that favor part shade or sun.

Planting tips: Easily grown in medium, average and wet soil in complete sun to part shade. This plant also perform well both in boggy condition and regularly damp garden soil. However, you should never allow the soil to dry out.

Soil type:  It does well in poorly drained soil. Also prefer loam, chalk or clay soil.

Pruning: Like every plant it also require pruning in time. However, you should prune it after flowering.

Aspect: West facing or south facing as well as sheltered.

Water requirement: It has a higher percentage of water requirements once established but before that it require less water.

Feeding:  General manure is required to be feed.

Pests and problem: This plant is generally pests and disease free.

Climate: Does well in different Australian regions like Melbourne and Queensland.


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