Acmena Smithii – Lilly Pilly

Acmena Smithii – Lilly Pilly

Acmena smithii is considered as a summer blossoming evergreen plant, belongs to the myrtle family Myrtaceae. It’s generally planted as hedges or shrubs. It boasts green and cream soft waxy leaves with blushes of pink new growth as well as pink to light purple edible berries. It is commonly called Lilly Pilly along with many other shrubs. Un-pruned will enable it to grow approximately three to five meter in the garden.

Height: 3 to 5 meter tall

Uses: It could be an ideal choice regarding fast growing screening hedge. It is a perfect alternative for screening or low hedges.

Planting tips: It can be planted in full sun or part shade

Soil type: Badly drained soil should be avoided. A well drained soil is the most essential requirement of this plant. However it can grow in alkaline or acid soil.

Pruning: It should be pruned twice a year and this could be performed in spring or autumn. Keep in mind that, If you leave the tree without pruning the shrub will become woody and it’ll tough to cut back them.

Feeding: You should fertilize the plant regularly and make sure the proper amount of water is applied.

Water requirement: Heavy amount of water is needed for best growth

Pests and problem: Trioza eugeniae psylid is the most serious pest problem found in this plant and this could cause scaring pimples over the leaves

Climate: You can find this plant all over Australia