Acmena ‘Cherry Surprise’ – Lilly Pilly

Acmena ‘Cherry Surprise’ – Lilly Pilly

Acmena ‘Cherry Surprise’ is commonly known as Lilly Pilly. This plant is from Australia origin and Myrtaceae family. This plant is a compact and less branching shrub includes glossy green foliage as well as bright red in new growth.  During spring and summer this plant is producing small cream color flowers and keeps the landscaping area more attractive and beautiful. This plant is suitable within containers for balcony and patio décor.

Height:   1.5 meter and Spread: 1 meter

Uses:  Makes a beautiful and simply shaped hedge including plant in narrow beds and pathways to create beautiful and attractive surrounding. This plant is also suitable for containers.

Planting tips: Well drained soils are ideal.

Soil Type: This plant is grown within moist and well drained soil including organic matter. Also, it will tolerate clay and sandy soils.

Aspect: Complete sun light to half shade is suitable for this plant growth.

Pruning:  Light prune after fruiting is helpful for this plants development.

Water requirement: Medium water on a regular basis is always essential for this plants development.

Feeding: Feed annually with small amount of fertilizer will keep this plant growth steady.

Pests and problems: This plant should be mainly resistant to psyllids for smoother growth.

Climate: Acmena ‘Cherry Surprise’ grows well within most Australian regions.