Acer Palmatum & Assorted – Japanes Maple!

Acer Palmatum & Assorted – Japanes Maple!

Acer palmatum could be deciduous trees or big shrubs with corresponding, most of the time palmately-lobed leaves as well as minute flowers pursued by characteristic winged fruits. Several have fine autumn colors and few have ornamental stems. Acer palmatum is a changeable minute tree with minute, deeply five to seven lobed leaves most of the time coloring good in autumn.

Height: 15 to 25′

Uses: accent tree, gentle shade to the house, beautiful colors in fall, popular item in garden centre as well as retailer stores, popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts.

Planting tips: Grow well within a damp but well drained loam. Water in summer if it is essential. Leaf color is greatest in partial shade, though full sun could be tolerated. Leaf scorch could be created by absence of soil moisture or excess exposure to the sun.

Soil type: Sand, clay, chalk or loam soil are the best to grow this kind of plant. Most importantly the soil should be moist and well drained.

Aspect: South facing, east facing or west facing, sheltered

Pruning: Like all maples Acer palmatum tolerates dense pruning, however it shouldn’t be pruned in winter because of extreme bleeding that could happen throughout early spring.

Water requirements: Regular watering should be done for better growth of the plant

Pests and problems: Horse chest nut scales and aphids might be problems as far as disease in Acer palmatum is concerned. So be careful about it.

Climate: This plan can be seem more widely in Australian regions like Perth.