Acanthus Mollis – Bear’s Breeches

Acanthus Mollis – Bear’s Breeches or Oyster Plant

Acanthus mollis or Oyster Plant is an evergreen, soft wooded and upright clump plant belongs from Acanthaceae family. This Herbaceous perennial is commonly known as bear’s breeches and native to northwestern Africa and Southern Europe. June and July is generally mentioned as its blooming time and loaded with Showy Flowers as well. This plant has glossy and dark green leaves. This is basically used within the decorative purpose and makes the yard more attractive and beautiful.

Height: 2 to 3m and Spread 1 to 2m.

Uses: Decoration or enhance beauty of the home or garden area.

Planting Tips: This plant is suitable to grow in shady areas, tree container and indoor area to keep it proper blooming and flowering as well

Soil type: Acanthus mollis is better growth in fertile, deep, and well drained soil for healthy and comfortable growth.

Aspect:  Full sun or part shade

Pruning: It is helpful before booming month of this plant to remove unwanted and dead leaves.

Water requirement: Medium watering will be suitable for this plant growth and development in comfortable manner.

Feeding: This sort of plant is required minimum maintenance within proper climatic condition and soil for better growth and outcome.

Pests and problems: Acanthus mollis is also considered as an easy target for microbe, insect, and fungus, so regular care with proper fertilizer always helpful for this plant development and growth process. So, choose the right kind of condition and soil area essential to keep this plant healthy and active.

Climate: Most of the regions of Australia are suitable for this plant growth.


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