Easy Vegetables to Grow at Home

List of the Easiest Vegetables to Grow at Home

Growing your own vegetables in your home vegie patch is not only healthy and rewarding, it is also very easy! We are often asked what vegetables are easy for beginners and children to grow at home. Here is our list of the easiest vegies to grow yourself.

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1. Herbs

Herbs – Basil, parsley, chives, thyme, oregano, and rosemary are among the easiest of herbs to grow at home. Their needs are very basic – some decent soil, watering when they are dry and a little bit of fertiliser to help them along. Whats more most herbs will grow very well in small pots and containers. Keep them in a warm sunny position and ensure that the pots don’t dry out. Its that easy!

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2. Tomatoes

In terms of taste, homegrown tomatoes are the most satisfying home grown vegetable, the taste of shop bought tomatoes simply doesn’t compare to homegrown. Plant your tomatoes in early spring to get themost out of the growing seeason. Tomatoes can be easily grown from seed, but seedlings are easier and faster.

3. Radishes

Radishes grow quickly and easily in the spring and autumn. They can be ready to eat in about a month from the time you plant seeds. A great option for impatient kids.

4. Zucchini

Zucchini grow very quickly and are very prolific croppers. Two plants should be plenty for a family of four. They will produce almost a zucchini a day! The blossoms are also edible, and are lovely stuffed.

5. Potatoes

To grow potatoes, plant a potato. Seriously. You can buy seed potatoes in many varieties or even choose an organic potato at the market, cut a few chunks that have eyes, let them dry out for a few days, and plant them. Potatoes do best in raised beds with lots of nutrients in the soil. You can harvest some when they’re tiny or wait until the end of the season when plants start to dry out for larger potatoes.

6. Onions

Like potatoes, onions do best in a raised bed. You can grown them from “sets,” small onions saved from the prior season, or from seedlings. Onions can be planted relatively close to each other, making them another very prolific crop per square metre of garden bed.

7. Peas

Nothing beats peas for growing with kids. Both shorter and taller varieties like to climb. Plant early in the season on both sides of a trellis, in well-draining soil. By the time it gets warm, you’ll be shelling away. Try some sugar snap varieties with their lovely edible shells of snow peas.

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8. Lettuces

Lettuce are another fast growing crop perfect for children. Lettuce comes in so many varieties that you’re sure to find one that meets your growing and eating needs. When it’s very hot, most lettuces need some shade. Since they grow close to the ground, they’re perfect to plant in the shade cast by taller plants like tomatoes and beans.

9. Beans

Like peas, most beans like to grow up. They can do well when seeds are planted directly into warm soil with something to climb. Many bean varieties produce for weeks and weeks. They need full sun and plenty of water at the base.

10. Kale

Kale is a crop that will continue to pay dividends. Kale prefers cooler temperatures and cool, wet soil but is otherwise unfussy. Start cutting leaves from the bottom, and kale should produce prolifically. Silverbeet is a similar crop that you can cut as you need it.

11. Carrots

Grown in raised beds or even deep containers with loose, non-rocky soil, carrots do well. They like full sun but relatively cool soil, and consistent moisture. Ensure you don’t over fertilise carrots as they will produce abundant leaf growth and small carrots.

12. Spinach

Spinach grows well in cool weather, but not so well in the heat of summer. You can harvest it like lettuce, either by picking the largest leaves when you’re ready to eat them, or by cutting all the leaves back to leave about one inch of plant in the ground. If you choose the latter method, spinach will grow back several times throughout the season.

Most of the above vegetables will grow well in small vegie garden beds, or pots. Perfect for those with limited space such as a small courtyard or balcony. The three keys to successfully growing vegies at home is good quality soil, adequate (and not excessive moisture) and some sunlight. Easy!


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