Easy Fruit to Grow at Home

List of the Easiest Fruit Trees and Plants to Grow at Home

Growing your own fruit in your home garden is not only healthy and rewarding, it is also very easy! We are often asked what fruit trees and plants are easy for beginners and children to grow at home. Below is our list of the easiest fruit to grow yourself;



Fruit is one of the best things you can grow if you want to get into growing your own food.

We all know it’s a good idea to grow fruit, its healthy, great for kids to get involved in and certain fruit trees and fruiting plants can be relatively easy to grow yourself. But where do you start? Consider:

  • How much space do you have?
  • Which fruits you really love and can’t wait to eat.
  • How much sun does your garden receive?
  • What time of year your fruit will be harvested.
  • How much time you have to spend on looking after your plants. Be realistic: every plant needs a bit of care.

Now take a look at our top ten fruit choices and use our easy-to-follow advice to get started


If you have a sheltered, south-facing wall, you have the ideal spot for a fig tree. They need a bit of attention to grow successfully, but you’ll be rewarded with superb-tasting fruit. The main requirements for Figs is a warm position and well drained soil.

fig tree


It’ll take a few years to produce a full crop, but once established, your apple tree will last you a lifetime. There are hundreds of varieties to choose from. A good starting point is what type of apples do you enjoy? Pink ladies? Granny smith? most require the same care. The only important point to keep in mind when growing apples is they do require some chilling hours, so warmer climates might be limited here in what, if any varieties they can grow.

apple pear fruit tree


Probably the most popular stoned fruit, and easy to grow once the tree is established. Choose a dessert plum if you want to eat them straight from the tree, as some varieties are a bit tart and only suitable for cooking. Again some chilling hours are required for plums.


Another long performing fruit tree, you’ll need a pollination partner nearby to get a good crop from your pear tree. A nice trick is to plant two trees in the same hole to pollinate and keep each other dwarfed.


Okay, okay…. you probably knew already that it’s actually a vegetable, as you eat the stalks and it doesn’t have pips or seeds. But rhubarb belongs in a crumble, not next to a meat pie. A great plant for beginners. Extremely easy to grow!


Choose between the summer and the autumn varieties and decide between red, yellow and the trendy new black fruits. Like all our top ten choices, raspberry canes come up year after year so there’s no need to fiddle with seedlings.


If space is very limited, you can still get a crop of strawberries by growing them in a container. A good choice for beginners. Strawberries are great for kids because they are so easy to grow and absolutely delicious. Home grown strawberries are significantly more tasty than shop bought strawberries.



A cultivated blackberry is far superior to the wild variety, with large, juicy fruit and far fewer pips. But you’ll need a fair amount of space, as their growth can be very vigorous.


A super food that is expensive to buy but cheap to grow. You’ll get a far more intense flavour from a home-grown crop than you would from the shop-bought varieties. Grow your blueberry bushes in containers filled with ericaceous compost, as they’ll need an acid soil to thrive. Ensure you keep your blueberry plants moist.


Such a tasty fruit, making wonderful pies, jams, summer pudding and fruit cordial. Blackcurrant bushes don’t take up too much space, and you should get an excellent crop with ease.


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