Creating an Australian Native Garden

Australian Native Garden Design Ideas
Create an Australian Native Garden Landscape Design – Australian Native garden Ideas, tips and photos. Inspiration for your Australian Native landscaping. Australian Native landscape plants, Australian Native garden design ideas and plans.

Australian Native Garden Mosman

Australian Native garden style gardens can range from scrubby, bush like garden through to tropical and dense using the right layout and plants. In the past native Australian landscape gardens were considered dull and uninteresting, but this isn’t the case anymore. Native gardens can be full of design elements and points of interest. But before you start your Australian Native landscape plans, here are a few landscape design secrets to achieving a Australian Native garden design;

Native Garden Elements

Australia gardens have a certain feel, a sense of place, there are several elements that help evoke this sense of place; Natural plant groupings, your plants should be clumped as they would be in nature, use random groupings, numbers and arrangements. The use of timber helps give a sense of Australiana, timber sleepers, timber steps, timber decking all help achieve an Australian Native feel. Crushed granite, or sandstone is another lovely garden element to include in a native garden, it gives a soft appearance to garden pathways. All these elements can be easily achieved by a DIY gardener.

Modern Native Garden DesignNatural stone is often used in an Australian Native landscape. Sandstone can be used in a number of ways, stepping stones, stone walls or simply as feature boulders in the garden to add strength to the layout and design.

Australian Native Landscape Design

Ensure that your Australian Native landscape design is an open, free form style. Avoid rigid straight lines and formal hedges. Try and add contrasting clumps of foliage to create interest and excitement to the planting design. Native grasses planted in clumps is a lovely effect. Water is often used in an Australian Native garden design, a simple pond of water feature can transform a garden space. Winding, flowing pathways and garden rooms add a sense of intrigue to any garden. Pathways are often made up of natural stepping stones, or recycled sleepers to give an added rustic feel. A dry river bed or creek is another interesting element that can add some interest to your garden layout. River pebbles laid out to mimic a river bed is a simple and effect landscape feature.

Dry River Bed Native Garden Architecture Design

Australian Native Plants

Here is a list of some common Australian native plants – including native trees, shrubs, grasses, understory plants and ground covers;

Lilly Pilly
Kangaroo Paw
Gymea Lilly
Carex Grass
Native Violets
Blue Fescue Grass
Grass Trees

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