Courtyard Garden Ideas

Courtyard Garden Design Ideas
Create a Garden in a small courtyard area can be a challenge, but careful Landscape Design can achieve an impressive result – Courtyard garden Ideas, tips and photos. Inspiration for your Courtyard garden landscaping. Plants, design ideas and plans.

courtyard garden ideas

Small garden spaces and courtyard gardens can create landscaping problems. How do I maximise the small courtyard backyard area? What should I put in the courtyard so it feels big but doesn’t start shrinking? Courtyard gardens can be full of design elements and points of interest. But before you start your Small Garden landscape plans, here are a few landscape design secrets to achieving a satisfying and successful small garden design;

Courtyard Garden Elements

Designing a garden for a small backyard courtyard needs to be thought through carefully. There are a few landscape design tricks – Adding a couple of large, over sized landscape features, as crazy as it sounds, changes the scale of the space, for instance a large water bowl will make the small feel larger than it really is. Another seemingly wrong design concept is over planting narrow garden beds, this adds depth to the perimeters of the garden, again making the walls feel further away. All these elements can be easily achieved by a DIY gardener.

small courtyard garden

Clean crisp paving, ideally using larger format pavers again will add strength to the layout and design and make the garden space feel larger.

Small Courtyard Landscape Design

Ensure that your courtyard garden landscape design is an open and free form style. Avoid rigid straight lines and formal hedges. Try and add contrasting clumps of foliage to create interest and excitement to the planting design. Water is often used in an small garden design, a simple pond or water feature can transform a garden space. Winding, flowing pathways also add a sense of intrigue to any garden. By using soft curved lines in your small garden, you blur the perception of the space and the especially the boundaries.

small garden

Japanese style gardens suit space spaces very well, as they make use of cleverly laid out design elements, and include plenty of open space to create depth to the landscape design.

Japanese Courtyard Garden Designer

Courtyard Garden Plants

Courtyard gardens are at their best when planted with a full display of garden plants set out in layers including small trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers;

Japanese Maples – Upright and weeping
Babys Tears
Lilly pillys
Mondo Grass

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