Inner City Garden Design

Inner City Garden Design Ideas

Online Garden Design offers a simply and effective method for custom made Inner City Garden landscape designs online Australia Wide. Using your photos, site dimensions, our garden ideas, aspect and a simply client questionnaire we can create a unique, practical small garden design specifically designed for you.

Inner City Garden Designs including;

  • A complete garden design
  • Step by step guide on landscape and garden construction
  • Garden designs for inner city gardens including maximising small spaces, views and entertainment areas.
  • Creative use of small garden spaces to increase the overall perception of the size of the garden space.
  • Ideal for courtyards, terraces, balconies and gardens in small spaces.
  • A complete landscape garden design including the layout of all garden elements, plant selection and guides on garden construction.

Each individualised landscape package includes; Landscape plans, Guides on construction methods required, Planting plans, Hard landscaping features and Plant profiles unique to your garden plan. This package can simply be used as a how to guide for a satisfying DIY landscape garden, or given to a contractor to quote on and work off.


Online Garden Design Australia offers a simply and effective method for tailor made Inner City Garden designs online.
Inner City Garden Designs Online. Australia wide service – offering custom made garden designers Australia. Professional Landscape designs.
Landscape Plans

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