Crinum Pedunculatum – River Lily and Swamp Lily

Crinum Pedunculatum is commonly known as River Lily, Swamp Lily, and Mangrove Lily that basically found within the tidal and stream area of Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and many areas of Australia. This plant is belonging from LILIACEAE family including 100 species within its group. These are mostly appeared within Africa in which five species mentioned as native of Australia. Now, this plant is widely used in decorative and garden designing purpose.

Height: 1 meter

Planting tips: Excellent draining soil and regular flow of watering is considered as most suitable and perfect option for this planting.

Soil type:  Well drained including good food supplement soil is more helpful for this plant for quick and healthy growth.

Aspect: Full sun and little shade is mentioned as perfect requirements for this plants growth.

Pruning: Pruning after flowering season is always essential to keep the unwanted aspect away from its root area to keep this plant healthy and problems free.

Water requirement: This plant requires good amount of water in regular interval to keep its soil area moist and cool. Excess water storage within this plant root area causes serious damage. 

Feeding: Good amount of fertilizer including organic blend is more helpful for this plant healthy growth.

Pests and problems: This plant can stay away from any sorts of problems and pests attack by getting proper care and maintenance.

Climate: Queensland, Northern Territory, New South Wales and many area of Australia.

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