Asplenium Australasicum – Bird’s Nest Fern

Asplenium australasicum is commonly known as Bird’s nest fern or crow’s nest fern belongs to Aspleniaceae family. This ferns is wildly grown in most of the area of world. Rainforest and wet forests of central and south coastal of Queensland to Cape York and New South Wales are considered as the best growing area for this plant. This fern also has more than 700 species worldwide and thirty native to Australia.

Height: 1.2-1.8 m

Uses:  Asplenium australasicum is generally considered as an ornamental plant ideal for a fernery.

Planting tips: Rainforest and heavily shaded and protected gardens are ideal.

Soil type:  This is also known as a container plant and grows well in most parts indoors. Moist soil is required for this plant.

Aspect: Shade or indoor area is suitable for this plant’s growth.

Pruning:  No pruning is required for this plant’s growth.

Waiter requirement: Regular watering is essential for this plant to keep its root area cool or moist and to keep it green and healthy. 

Feeding: No fertiliser is needed.

Pests and problems: In a moist climate, this plant can faces no problems and pests’ attacks.

Climate:  South coastal of Queensland to Cape York and New South Wales climate suits this plant for healthy growth. 


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